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Ordering from P&C Uniforms

1. Enquiry
Submit your enquiry usi ng any of the following methods: Email, Fax, Phone.
We recommend that you fill in the Contact Form on the Contact Us page of this site and email it to us.
Please attach any available logo files or instructions if embroidery or printing is required.

2. Quotation
We will quote according to your enquiry, be sure to include as much detail as you can to ensure the quote to be as accurate as possible. We can provide you with samples of our existing items at no charge if returned within 14 days. If you require a sample to be custom made, a fee may be incurred.

3. Design Concept
After acceptance of our quotation, we will create an electronic illustration of the design you requested in your colours. Please return for you to review and comment. Any changes or tweaking can be completed accordingly.

4. Design Sign Off
When you are totally satisfied that the artwork meets your requirements, we will email you the design concept in a Sign Off Format for you to sign and return to us by email or fax. This design will become the benchmark for the order.

5. Sampling
Depending upon the type of item, we may need to supply you with a pre- production sample. This will take 2-3 weeks to supply. We will also provide you with a Sample Sign Off Form for you to sign and return to us by email or fax. This sample will also become benchmark for the order.

6. Submit Your Purchase Order
If you now wish to proceed to production, we request that you submit your purchase order to us on an official order form or letter head. Please reference the item number we have assigned to your item, price and lead time we have specified in our quote, quantity per size, and any special instructions. If you do not have an official order form or letter head, please contact us. Orders will be delivered on time as per negotiations. We will confirm receipt of your order by email.

7. Delivery
We will deliver your items to the address specified on your order. Your item number / description and quantity per size will be marked on the outside of the box, and an invoice will be attached to the top of the box.

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